Devil's Ivy (Pothos)

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The Pothos is a durable indoor plant, requiring low maintenance. It's draping vines are a simple and elegant way to decorate a window ledge or hanging shelf.

The Pothos is a houseplant who’s about as relaxed as they come. His common name, devil’s ivy, stems from the fact he’s practically impossible to kill - and he’ll stay green, even in low light.

The Devil's Ivy can tolerate a low or medium light, but will grow faster in a brighter room.

Allow the first few inches of the Devil's Ivy soil to dry out before you water it again. The Epipremnum Aureum is a drought tolerant plant that can go a couple of weeks without water.

The Pothos is happy with normal household humidity but it would prefer slightly higher levels of humidity. If you do see your Pothos leaf tips turn brown, just like most houseplants its probably asking for a mist of moisture.

Fertilise the Devil's Ivy once every month in the growth season, which is from March to September.

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